Getting Here

After arriving in Panama City, fly to David Airport (DAV), then drive to Playa La Barqueta. Las Olas Resort is located 25 minutes from the city of David, Panama.

Copa Airlines

Airport Code DAV for David

Copa Airlines Flight Map

Driving Directions from David & Panama City to Playa La Barqueta

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NOTE: Upon reaching the REY Shopping Center, entering David on the Pan American
Highway, SET YOUR ODOMETER TO 0.0 All future km readings will be approximate.

From the Rey Shopping Center on the Pan American Highway, continue traveling west until your trip odometer reads approx. 3.1 km

3.1 km turn left onto Calle Miguel A. Brenes and continue on this road
4.6 km turn right at HERTZ Car Rental store (Avenida 9 de Enero).
Continue on this road! It will unfold as the main route and will become obvious. Lots of traffic and confusion here, slow and easy please!
8.7 km you will see a small grocery store and Delta gas station of the left,
9.9 km you will cross a bridge and begin the journey through the farm country. As you follow this road through the farms and fields, be cautious of livestock in the road, tractors, trucks and bicycles. Take it slow and expect the unexpected.
17.4 km you will be passing through the small village of Querevalos.
18.8 km you will arrive at a large intersection with a restaurant on the left. Continue straight through this intersection.
21.4 km you will be in the center of the town of Guarumal. There will be small police station, bar and a couple of grocery stores in the center of town.
Continue through Guarumal
23.1 km you will pass over a small one-lane bridge.
26.4 km where you will cross another one lane bridge.
28.1 km where a very sharp left turn is necessary. There will be a farm equipment garage ahead of you before making the turn. You will now pass through the village of Paja Blanco.
30.6 km you will arrive at the Las Olas Resort. Take a left here and travel another .3 km to the driveway entrance to the Hotel.
Follow the driveway to the Hotel lobby.

Flight Times From United States

Approximate, please check with your local airlines for exact times.

City Depart Arrive Total Travel Time
Atlanta 5:50 PM 8:59 PM 3 hrs 9 min
NY- JFK 6:00 AM 10:22 AM 4 hrs 22 min
NEWERK 5:25 PM 9:30 PM 4 hrs 5 min
LOS ANGELES 2:00AM 10:22AM 5 hrs 22 min
9:28 AM 5:58 PM 5 hrs 30 min
MIAMI 5:40 PM 7:40 PM 2 hrs
DULLES 6:28 AM 10:38 AM 4 hrs 10 mins
HOUSTON 8:50 AM 12:55 PM 3 hrs 5 min
3:10 PM 7:15 PM 3 hrs 5 min
DALLAS 3:25 PM 7:45 PM 3 hrs 20 min
FT LAUDERDALE 11:30 PM 1:20 AM 1 hrs 50 min

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